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In his excitement over getting the part of Jim, he traveled to the show's real-life setting of Scranton, Pennsylvania, camcorder in hand.

Upon his return, he offered his footage to Greg Daniels, thinking it might make helpful research material.

The true story of a heroic man, Hunter "Patch" Adams, determined to become a medical doctor because he enjoys helping people. The only date open for two years is three weeks away, and Frank insists the kids go through his marriage prep course.

He ventured where no doctor had ventured before, using humour and pathos. They're to write their own vows; he also demands chastity, bugs their apartment, initiates arguments, has them care for robot twins, creates friction between Ben and her family, and raises doubts in Sadie. Can he undermine Frank's authority and keep Sadie's heart?

It might seem like he's had ten careers in the last decade alone, and during that time his work ethic and endless creativity and passion have delivered a host of already classic entertainment in his wake.

From his career as a rising actor to his many roles as a producer and a director, this Massachusetts native and Red Sox fan has had one of the busiest lives imaginable…and he's still just getting started.

Just before his turn came, the casting director announced that they were going to take a lunch break, during which one of the team sat and began asking Krasinski how he felt about the impending interview.

The actor played it off as if he wasn't too worried about his own performance, though he genuinely was concerned that the remake would ruin the British show's legacy if they didn't handle the American version correctly.

According to Krasinski himself, he was the last of seven people to audition.

He also flashed a bit of his future action-hero persona when he saved a woman from drowning in a riptide. That's right, the two fellas and even played little league together.

Action hero moments aside, though, probably the most incredible coincidence of this early chapter in his pre-fame life came through his childhood friendship with his future co-star B. And as if that wasn't enough, it was during their time in high school that Novak approached Krasinski (who up to that point had only acted as Daddy Warbucks in a middle school production of When he got back from Costa Rica, Krasinski resumed his education with gusto.

To Krasinski's surprise, Daniels asked if they could use some of it in the show's opener.

That's right, Krasinski had inadvertently helped film that iconic, piano-driven intro that we all love so dearly. The two played the love-struck Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly, who we all watched fall in love, hook up, get engaged (who couldn't forget that gas station proposal in the rain? For nine years, the world seemed to live vicariously through the romantic adventures of Jim and Pam, which had the added benefit of cementing Krasinski's new identity as a rising star in the minds the show's numerous fans.

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