Lowest divorce rate dating longer

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But the gender gap in how long males and females are expected to live remains large.

Ukrainian males die on average much younger than females.

In 2017 the situation changed dramatically and the number of deaths exceeded the number of live births by nearly 200 thousand: 574 thousands vs. The demographic situation with women not wanting to have more than one child is mostly due to an uncertain future and low average wages (currently at around USD 320 per month), which paints rather bleak perspectives for Ukraine, unless the economy picks up.

In 1990 the majority of women in Ukraine became mothers at 20-24 years.

In 2018 the rural population was only 13 million, a big drop from 16 million in 1990.

Experts predict that the population of Ukraine will plummet to 36 million by 2050.

In 1990 the number of newborns was higher than the number of deaths: 657 thousands of births and 629 thousands of deaths.

“I can’t date because of feminism” seems to be trending on Google, so let me be the first to say: Yes, okay, sure.

You can't get a date because of feminism in the same way you can’t “date” because it is illegal to lock women in your bedroom and demand that they love you.

The total fertility rate stood at 1.85 at the time. In 1991 the fertility rate dropped to 1.78 and in 2017 it stands at 1.37. The lowest fertility rate was in 2001-2002 when it dropped to 1.07-1.09.

By 2011 the same number of women were giving bight at 20-24 as in 25-29, which shows that Ukrainian women started to delay motherhood.

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