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This was a particularly turbulent time in Belarusian history.

The state was drawn into wars in Europe and with Russia including: Rzecz Pospolita led to long wars which weakened the state, and it lost its independence.

Over the next few centuries they had settled over the entire region, replacing the earlier Baltic culture.

In the 6th to 9th centuries East Slavs formed the first political associations – the unions of tribes.

1922 – Belarusian SSR became a part of the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

The most significant Stone Age settlements have been discovered in the Gomel region.

Sites discovered from the Palaeolithic period in the village of Yurovichi (Kalinkovichi area) existed approximately 26 000 years ago.

Sites discovered in the village of Berdysh (Chechersk area) date back 23,000-24,000 years.

March 1917 – Revolution in Russia resulted in the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II. March 1918 – the Belarusian People’s Republic declared independence.

This lasted until the German withdrawal later that year.

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