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Inductive reasoning based on observation, as opposed to deductive, or a priori A priori - From what comes before A verbis ad verbera - From words to blows Ab absurdo - From the absurd (establishing the validity of your argument by pointing out the absurdity of your opponent's position)Ab aeterno - From the beginning of time Ab asino lanam - Wool from an ass, blood from a stone impossible Ab hinc - From here on Ab imo pectore - From the bottom of the chest.(from the heart) (Julius Caesar)Ab incunabulis - From the cradle Ab initio - From the beginning Ab intestato - Having made no will Ab origine - From the origin Ab ovo usque ad mala - From the egg right to the apples (From start to finish) (Horace)Ab ovo - From the egg Ab urbe condita - From the foundation of the city. Abusus non tollit usum - Wrong use does not preclude proper use Abutebaris modo subjunctivo denuo - You've been misusing the subjunctive again Abyssus abyssum invocat - Hell calls hell; one mistep leads to another Accipere quam facere praestat injuriam - It is better to suffer an injustice than to do an injustice Acta est fabula, plaudite! (Said to have been emperor Augustus' last words)Acta non verba - Action not words Acta sanctorum - Deeds of the saints Actus reus - Wrongful act - as opposed to mens rea - the wrongful intention or guilty mind Ad absurdum - To the point of absurdity Ad acta - To archives.

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Sometimes, I forget to thank the people who make my life so happy in so many ways.

(Horace)An nescis, mi fili, quantilla sapientia mundus regatur? (Vergil)Anicularum lucubrationes - Old wives' tales Animadvertistine, ubicumque stes, fumum recta in faciem ferri? Aqua fortis - Nitric acid Aqua pura - Pure water Aqua vitae - Water of life (brandy)Aquila non captat muscas - The eagle doesn't capture flies (don't sweat the small things)Arbiter elegantiae - Judge in matters of taste Arcana imperii - Secrets of the empire Arduum sane munus - A truly arduous task Arguendo - For the sake of argument Argumentum ad hominem - An argument against the man.

- Don't you know then, my son, how little wisdom rules the world? - (At a barbeque) Ever noticed how wherever you stand, the smoke goes right into your face? Directing an argument against an opponent's character rather than the subject at hand Argumentum ad ignorantiam - Arguing from ignorance Armis Exposcere Pacem - They demanded peace by force of arms.

Sometimes, I forget to tell them how much I really do appreciate them for being an important part of my life.

Today is just another day, nothing special going on.

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