Interoffice dating rules

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( a policy is not likely to stop two people from dating, but it can outline any repercussions that will be administered if not followed.The best advice I have ever been given is to avoid this touchy area between my company and personal is to never dip my pen into the company ink jar, and putting it this way was a way to make one never forget.The romance between two employees may also put their true friends in an unethical position within the company.

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When a relationship ends and one of the former couples continues to interact at work with the other member, the employer can still be found guilty of sexual harassment.

All employees are required to follow the rules that are set in place for a reason, and this reason is to protect the investment of the company and its employees.

Two employees that knowingly break the company rules can cause a strain on the other employees around them; this strain can come from many different areas.

The final topic is the ethical decision that surrounds the whole subject of inter-office dating.

These ethics involve the questions that are presented to the two employees that are breaking the rule, should they tell their supervisor about their feelings for each other or should one of them quit their job, and if so, which one is going to quit?

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