How to tell if your dating

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You want to keep the sweet moments to yourself and that’s a good thing. A funny thing happens when you discuss dating with a friend: you can go from excited to creeped out and frustrated in mere seconds. So instead of discussing everything about your dates with your friends, which is the modern equivalent of passing notes in Math class, be proud of your journey to find love.

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Reminding your children that you love them may seem obvious; however, it is important for them to hear this in that exact moment in order to help increase their sense of security.

This Mother’s Day, I’m going to give you my best single mom dating tips. But, are you wondering how to tell your kids you’re “back in the game’? Here are my tips for telling your kids you’re moving on… Do you remember hearing, , how honesty is the best policy? You know how much I love you, and that will never change. I have decided it’s time for me to start dating again. It is important that we have an open communication about this.

Maybe you’re a single mom who’s ready to start dating again. I am sharing this with you because, no matter what, I want you to understand you are still my top priority. This may seem like a lot right now so take your time to process what I’ve told you, and don’t be afraid to talk to me about any questions or thoughts you have.” Reinforcing your love to your kids and how that will never change helps them acknowledged and safe.

Sometimes they feel threatened and worry the attention will switch from them to your new partner.

One-on-one bonding time will reinforce your child’s sense of importance to you and increase their trust. Once again, reassure them that your dating doesn’t take away any of your love for your children. You deserve to move on in your life and enjoy the love and happiness waiting for you.

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