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This has been unsourced in the article for a lot longer than the Feb, 2007 cite needed date. —Viriditas | Talk , (UTC) I've removed this paragraph as it consists of OR supported by sources that do not seem to support these claims.

I'm not saying it's false information, but in order to keep this in the article, it either needs to be rewritten or supported by actual, reliable sources.

Allways had mild Intrest in witchcraft, shamanism and pagan concepts, also myth and faery folk, but never really read any books or researched it. I have been a witch for many years, was a Council Member of the Pagan Federation for 13 years.

But Ive had some 'witch like' experiences and shamanistic so now wander if I'am a natural shaman witch, and that made me come here. [Review Full Profile] I am 81 years old widower, but look a younger, have a reasonable figure, and acceptable health, both physically and mentally. My late wife and I run a Gardnerian coven in East Anglia for 35 years after .....

Some of these things can be cited, and I will help out.

As for the music section, it's entirely original research and misses the mark in several key areas, namely the absence of folk music and the selection of musicians.

Also the addition of material from John Sinclair, "the early and influential guru of Midwestern hippies, heroin and alcohol were negative energy drugs and were disdained, while LSD and marijuana were positive energy drugs and recommended", lacks sources.

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Most of the slang terms used by hippies were borrowed from black jive of earlier decades, as filtered through beatniks and hipsters.

I'm very open minded about who I would like to spend my days with but she should be nature-loving, loyal, fierce and willing to plan a life off-grid (I'm not in the city by will).

Interested in druidism, tarot, history, cooking, herbs, brewing my own beer, digeridoo, bagpipes, indoor plants (cause i dont have a garden at the mo) and a lot more.

I'd like to be out there planting more trees, enjoying boating, camping and the great out doors.

I'm quite shy, quiet but extrovert, patient, calm a .....

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