Hiei dating

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It's all there to read openly on his face, at one time or another.He can be seen smiling on a regular basis, albeit not necessarily out of the goodness of his heart, and he laughs more than once.Since Kurama's bedroom is the one place in his house where he's least likely to be interrupted by his family, it's no wonder the topic comes up so frequently.Curious about this important domain, we compared images of his bedroom from the manga and the anime.When you come down to it, he might have been too rebellious as a child to notice.) As a matter of fact, no other youko are ever shown or mentioned.

We had mistaken it for one of the sweatdrops that had appeared on both his and Yuusuke's cheeks throughout the preceeding pages.] He does experience vivid nightmares of his own, yet he is never shown entering the dreams of another.He also enjoys tormenting his friends with practical jokes.Though Yuusuke weeps freely out of concern for his loved ones, and Kuwabara cries when he believes his friend to be dead, Kurama never releases a single tear in the anime.When he goes to the Dark Tournament, he shows up in an elegant outfit in shades of purple, red, and gold. In the manga, he's even drawn wearing tight jeans (for which some of us are truly grateful).As for his trademark belts, he alternates between two and four white ones and a double red one that knots rather than buckles.

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