Her first time dating another woman

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This time, when you start to pull away, you can move back in and plant a kiss on her lips.

If you’re at a busier place, like the dance floor, you can wait for a slow song to come on to get closer.

If there is sexual energy between you two, you’ll both feel it.

Likewise, if you’re at the movies or watching something at home together, find the right moment to reach over and take her hand into yours.

Chances are you won’t have to say anything, as this romantic gesture is enough in and of itself.

Pick her hand up with your other hand and hold it for a moment before letting it go.

If she doesn’t take her eyes off of you, then turn back toward her and give her a kiss. If she reaches down and puts her hand on top of yours, you’ll know for sure that she’s into you. As you’re hanging out with her over time, touch her nonchalantly.

Some people believe that you shouldn’t talk too much about it, and just act.

Finding out how to make the first move is a common situation lesbians find themselves in, especially for those who are just coming out.

Imagine that two women are hanging out and getting along great.

Whatever you do, don’t force yourself on her or make her feel bad for turning you down.

Try to keep it light by wishing her a good night and seeing your way home.

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