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Both men are "really interested in politics and the stock market, and they agree on everything," she says."Also, when I'm upset about something, they'll always help me put it in perspective." Both share the name Mike, and they even look alike."When I met Rebecca, she was pursuing a career in advertising, and it wasn't until well after we started dating that she decided she didn't like advertising and opted instead to get her master's in education," says Aaron."Although I definitely wanted to marry an educated woman, I wouldn't say that it was critical that she match my mom's level of schooling -- though in the end, they both earned master's degrees." Rebecca says Aaron is just like her dad."You need to be together on those days when your car won't start see how you and your partner support each other." • Don't be afraid to disagree.Reclaiming personal history Does that mean it's a mistake to marry somebody like Mom or Dad? She and her dad, who is now deceased, lived in different states after her parents divorced when she was a child.Although they had a warm phone relationship, Ney only saw him once or twice a year, and he wasn't very physically affectionate.

Women who got along well with their dads as kids are attracted to men who resemble their fathers, whereas women who had a bad father-daughter relationship do not.

A Hungarian researcher studied the facial features of 52 families and found a significant correlation between the appearance of men and their fathers-in-law and those of women and their mothers-in-law.

And in a survey of approximately 2,700 "high-achieving" men -- those in the top 10 percent of their age income bracket and/or with an advanced degree -- a University of Iowa researcher found they are likely to marry women with education levels and careers that mirror those of their moms. Gordon's wife, Rebecca, 27, has the same career as his mom -- teaching gifted elementary-schoolers -- and the women share a love of cooking and talking on the phone.

"Assert yourself and see what your partner does with that," she says.

"Can they put their needs aside and follow your lead once in a while?

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