Gerber mk ii dating system

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numbers/LETTERS on back: G1030STHANX IN ADVANCE FELLERZ Looks like a Mk I. You can date it to within 21 years because that's how long they were made.

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MK-1 was in production from 1976 - 19971976-1981 composition comprised of Special Alloy Tool Steel (L6)1976-1980 Blade length 5"1981-1997 composition comprised of High Carbon Surgical Stainless Steel1981-1997 Blade length 4 3/4"Here's mine. DIFFERENCE : The knife you showed picture of, the top edge does not go to tang,and the top edge is serrated. I also did what a lots of guys did: I cold-blued the blades. that special add-in brochure, there was a picture of a guy up on a bench, stamping on a vise-held Mk-II in L-6.He was only able to bend, not fracture, the blade, even when he bent it all the way down to about a70 degree angle. Later, I also found and bought one of their smaller Mk-I boot knives, also in L-6.They were made of L-6 tool steel instead of the usual commercial-grade stainless.There was a little extra brochure in the box that told of the differences, and of the need to keep the blade oiled to prevent easy rusting.

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