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The contrast between Euripides and his predecessors is too well marked to gain much in clearness from the accident of his having treated the same subjedt. had warned him vtrkp ' neither to slay Aga- be a retribution from Orestes, descendant of Atreus, so soon as he shall come to man's estate, and feel a yearning for his own land.

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A single sheet within a book is a leaf, and each side of a leaf is a page.

« FORMERLY PRINCIPAL OF BRIGHTON COLLEGE LATE SENIOR STUDENT AND TUTOR OF CHRIST CHURCH, OXFORD Cornell University Library The tine original of tliis book is in Cornell University Library. its historical it will be growth appears in the Iliad, in the Odyssey, in early fragments, in Pindar. In the Iliad the Pelopidae are prominent, but only as the ancestors of Agamemnon, — as a long line of princes deriving from Zeus and succeeding each other in peace, until the sceptre against Troy.

But there is perhaps no method by which the distindtive charadler of the Sophoclean Ele Slra can be more — readily brought out than by viewing it useful to glance at the Pelopid story in as it and in connexion with the Before attempting a brief comparison, Choephoroe. loo: to the leader of the — 'Agamemnon war the king rose up, holding the sceptre that Hephaestus wrought; Hephaestus gave it to to Zeus, son of Cronus, supreme; and then Zeus gave Hermes, messenger of the gods; and Hermes the god it INTRODUCTION vi gave it and then Pelops gave it to and Atreus at his death left it in lambs; and then Thyestes left it to Agashould be borne in his hand, and that he to Pelops, smiter of horses; Atreus, shepherd of the people; to Thyestes, rich memnon, that it many should rule over In and all Argos.' no hint of the later conception, of Agamemnon against a deep back- islands record there this is which throws out the fate ground of antecedent family horrors, the sin of Pelops, the murder of Chrysippus, the murder of Pleisthenes, the epi- — — — — sode of Atreus and Thyestes. Thus to his wife; for there shall spake Hermes, but he persuaded not the mind of Aegisthus by his friendly counsels; and now Aegisthus has paid at one reckoning for all the guilt.' Again, Nestor says to Telemachus happen (rvyxav^i) to be really anxious that I should adopt your principles of a(%on, I vrill refuse.

—Why do not such as Chty- — — 1064] 9 1 : _.^HAEKTPj^. TAdr instin(5t is always faithful to parents ; and shall the daughter forget what is due to her father? Echoes of earth among the dead, carry this reproach to the careless Atreidae tell them that now, if ever, they should help their house : tell them that Eledlra, deserted by her sister, stands singlehanded against two mortal foes.

; iaopmixevoi ^fo^^K'^^eyoxi'i lo S &v re ^Xda Tto-^^^^ axf) aiv aqt wv t bvcunv evpaai, rao ovk ^^^^ laai; rexovfiev eir •^.'i.'ey^ly C^A/^.^,'^ ical rav ovpaviav &e/j,iv, sothemis learn piety from the birds of the air?

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