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He also came into contact with Hashim through Facebook posts and You Tube videos.The men who bombed the three churches have been named as Ahmed Muaz, Mohamed Hasthun and Mohamed Nasser Mohamed Asad.-- While Sri Lanka Easter suicide attacks mastermind Zahran Hashim used social media to publicly call for the death of non-Muslims, he worked for months in private chatrooms to persuade six young men to sacrifice themselves, Muslim community leaders say.

The country has a long history of censoring the press, by killing journalists, blocking websites and using draconian laws to fine and imprison reporters.She also killed her two children and three police officers. The would-be attacker, Abdul Latheef, failed to set off his explosives.Mohamed Azzam Mubarak Mohamed has been named as the bomber who targeted the Kingsbury hotel in Colombo. He detonated it a few hours later at a small motel, killing himself and two other people.Both groups used Facebook to organise and mobilise themselves – and a parliamentary brawl, during which Rajapaksa’s supporters attacked the speaker, was broadcast on You Tube.Sirisena re-instituted Wickremasinghe as prime minister after a seven week standoff, but the two men have an uneasy and often dysfunctional political relationship.

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