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One of the major theories regarding relationships is called attachment theory.

It suggests that the way you related to your caregiver as an infant (and vice versa) shapes how you come to view relationships later in life.

From that experience, you learned that relationships are safe and reciprocal, and your attachment anxiety is low.

So, a little sexting within a relationship might not be too bad.I sent him 3 pics "lake1.jpg," "lake2.jpg" and "lake3"Because I am a boy and immature, "lake3.jpg" was a photograph of my penis, which I swear was making his first appearance on camera. I started the process of tracking down the taxi cab I'd just exited, but gave up after a few minutes: the phone was almost 18 months old; I was due for a free upgrade; I had backed it up as recently as Wednesday; what did I care? ’s free newsletters."data-newsletterpromo-image=""data-newsletterpromo-button-text="Sign Up"data-newsletterpromo-button-link="https:// origincode=2018_sciam_Article Promo_Newsletter Sign Up"name="article Body" itemprop="article Body"Why do people sext?But it turns out that people who are comfortable with close relationships (a secure attachment style) and also worry about what their partner might think of them are more likely to engage in sexting, but only if there some level of commitment in the relationship. What this tells us is that people may be concerned with pleasing their partner’s desire—or perceived desire—to engage in sexting and that it is the comfort with intimacy in relationships that may allow sexting to occur.And, when there is greater relationship commitment, this continues to be the case.

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