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"Very quickly they became a significant part of our world - crude and amateurish but then became very professional after seeing how much money can be made.

"The London sex trade is such a huge market - our fear then was that they would say 'we might as well replicate the same model but in other areas of crime' - the obvious one being narcotics." In November statistics released by the National Crime Agency showed Albanians were responsible for the majority of the 35 per cent increase in victims of human trafficking - often for prostitution.

Many took jobs as door staff in the heart of London's sex and vice trade in Soho - then dominated by the Maltese mafia - where they first came to national attention.

The Albanians began working alongside the sex dons - before it is claimed they quickly took over London's prostitution rackets. They trundled around the peasant villages promising glittering careers in waitressing and modelling.

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