Formview not updating sqldatasource

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Set Form View's Data Source ID property to the name of your data source control.

If your Form View control needs to show data in read-only mode only, set just Select Command property of data source control.

I have looked at thing such as datakeys and making sure the update command is correct but I can't find the problem. Could the item_id (the primary key) being evaluated instead of binded have do with it?

The majority of posts never quite apply or do nto have a definitive answer that I could get to work for me.

I an trying to use the formview to insert records ( also edit in the future if I can get this to work) , then hide the formview and refresh/rebind the listview without a page refresh.Both controls enable showing of single record from data source.The main difference between Form View and Deatils View controls is that Form View control allows using of templates for displaying a record instead of row fields used in Details View.Unlike Details View, Form View control doesn't have predefined data layout.Developer needs to create a template first and specify controls and formatting to display single record from data source.

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