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i just got a new computer to play eq after i installed EQ Trilogy i did the first patcher( then the regular pacther comes up usually) and i clicked the button play online and i got two errors: error 1 (called Smacker Error)- MSS DLL is incorrectly installed in the windows directory then immidiatly the second pops up: error 2 ( called - Application Error) - The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142).

Alright for all those getting that message saying error for involving eqgfx.dx8all you have to do is go into your eq folder and delete the following files, eqgame.exe, eqmain.dll, eqgfx-dx8.dll, (Though the specs of EQ state that a 16m video card is at the minimum requirement) With their new releases they changed/redesigned/updated the graphics engine of the game--this from their tech support.

If you do not have the “Full Download” option then you were previously running the “Full Download Only” version will automatically stay in “Full Download”.

We’re receiving reports that players aren’t able to progress past the black screen with SOE logo of the EQ2 Launcher.

Also some more information from the Launch Pad team.

Launch Pad will automatically update itself and when doing that there are a few things to call out: – Launchpad will lose the saved information for “Remember Me” username and password.

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