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Until now it updated automatically to each new version, but now it does not want to update from 8b8 to 8b9, even if I use 'Check for updates'.Will this problem be fixed, or do I need to uninstall and reinstall Eudora?

Ben (04/01/08) I've just downloaded Eudora 8.0.0 Beta... As installed, it displays empty graphics boxes (place holders) with a "clickable" link in the upper left corner. - (posted by User: Droufa on 2007 Nov 1) I have enjoyed using Eudora for over 10 years and am using the mozilla based Eudora since version 8b6.

A bug regarding this appears on the bug list as solved, and as far as I tested it, by receiving utf-8 messages with eudora 8b3, it worked.

The utf-8 compliance is still one of the most important arguments for users of older eudora versions to look forward for eudora 8 (and future releases).

I currently have 23 address books in use with nearly one thousand email addresses.

The other thing that puzzled me was that the Mail Import feature did not bring in the Outbox folder of sent messages.

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