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Let’s go through each one individually and show you how you can fix them. This might seem obvious, but Java applications are rarely tuned with reasonable Java memory settings from the outset and you’d be well advised to change yours to reduce constant heap expansion which really slows general startup and running down.

Your settings will of course depend on your detailed environment, but here are some suggested settings which will give you a much more performant environment from the outset: flag used to dictate which garbage collector strategy to use.

To be honest, it might be working on a bunch of tasks that event the Eclipse foundation aren’t sure about, but some of which we can explain to you, and eliminate for you so that your Eclipse can run faster, just like when you first unwrapped it.

We of course know that one of the major pain points when developing applications in Java is having to build, compile, package, restart/redeploy, generate state, ZZzzzzz.

And all this before you can even think about testing or seeing your code changes.

It manages to make time feel longer than it actually is.

Eclipse stores a bunch of info in indexes and history which build up over time.

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