Dynasty lovers dating sim nummyz

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We can't exactly applaud its predictable approach yet we can't deny being amused during some sequences.

We would have preferred to see the characters change their negative reactions instead of being stuck with one line the whole game.

Once you learn whether he likes Musicberry or Moon Pear, you'll need to work at the Shop to earn some shells.

Get that cake baked, buy some fruit and paint a portrait to ensure a successful date.

This allows you to perform actions and interact with the potential love interests.

For example, working requires 10 HP and it yields 30 shells while cooking needs 10 HP as well as 100 shells.

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HP is basically the most important resource in the game.Sleeping in the hotel will replenish your HP and start a new day.Being a dating sim, the game ends when you finish a romance with one of Purra's inhabitants.That way, you'll have the option to start fresh if you think you won't make the cut.The process is simple enough to grasp, however, the game's limited talk mechanics tend to get quite tedious.

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