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In conclusion the difference is very slight, American and Canadians are much more alike than different.When I first moved America to attend college, I was nervous about starting a life in a new country because I wasn’t sure how quickly I would be able to adapt to the new culture.The Americans just really seem to know how to give good face.American girls seem to also support nicer tans than the Canadians.I once read a study that explained that Canadians are much more fit than their American neighbours.This made me think; do Canadian girls have better bodies than Americans?This got me thinking, are Canadian girls better than are our home grown ladies?Over the years I have been fortunate enough to date both Canadian and American girls. Over the years I have been visiting the country many times and have consistently been met within nothing less than grace and charm from the natives.

And if you are like me, the most appealing item on that list is the women.While I think it is pretty split down the middle based on my experience; however I do remember all my Canadian girl friends to be extremely active and very sporty.From my experience Canadian girls are generally up to spend an afternoon playing tennis or shooting hoops if you suggest it.All the Canadian girls I have dated have been no stranger to guns, fishing rods or four wheelers.I once spent a couple days ice fishing on a frozen lake with a Canadian girl.

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