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There are slight changes to the scam, but the playbook is remarkably consistent in that it begins with a call from a wealthy female producer who over a series of call phone calls builds a personal relationship but sets the hook with irresistible bait: a dream job that could be a major stepping stone in a career. Several factors facilitate these scams, say several who found themselves being courted for high-paying gigs and strung along in phone calls that sometimes take on a sexual overture.Many of these below-the-line businesses are relationship-based, where referrals are common and where the players routinely move from one job to the next. Emails from a genuine-looking IP address add credibility.This information is coming from security sources who so far have been unable to unmask the scammers.

I was talking to people in China and England, but the transfers were all bogus.” Mc Laren said that he was taken for about 00, money he quickly made up with a couple of security jobs.

Several came to Deadline in hopes of at least slowing down the scammers by shining a light on the ruse.

Their message is basically this: If a high net worth producer with a seductive voice calls with an employment offer that seems too good to be true, it probably is not real.

When he doubled back to the buddy who had vouched for the scammer, he found out an unsettling truth. “My friend was in a vulnerable position in his life and she tricked and conned him too, into believing he was going to be paid 00 a day to protect her.

He lied to me when he said he had met her in person.

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