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We find that when people try a wine they know to be expensive they nearly always claim to find it to have more desirable characteristics, but this is not always the case when they try it blind.

If you prefer instead to use our wine tasting parties as an opportunity to catch up with friends, we have some of the most flexible options for wine tasting in London.

If you are looking to go out for your wine tasting we have worked with a number of venues in London and are happy to recommend a venue.

The list below highlights our most popular wine tasting venues in London, to see our full list of venues across the country please go to our venues page.

We can even bring wine tasting to your offices in London if that’s more convenient and if you believe you have corporate objectives that are not already covered by our current hospitality packages, don’t be afraid to approach us and we’ll do our best to work something out with you.

Whilst everyone gets to know each other better through light hearted challenges and the odd impromptu quiz, our wine tasting sessions in London teach you the principle elements behind the art, and you even get the chance to try blind tasting!




At Thirty Fifty, we also run regular courses for wine tasting in London and different locations across the UK that are open for anyone to attend.Our wine tasting events in London are a great way to break the ice with new customers, get to know them as people as well as clients and develop business in a natural way.They also serve as brilliant team building exercises between colleagues.Most of us are well aware that it is best to store your favourite white wines at a lower temperature than more full bodied red wines, but not everyone realises the extent to which temperature can affect the taste of their favourite tipple.From our wine tasting sessions in London, you could find out something really helpful such as how lower temperatures emphasise the acidity of a wine, while higher temperatures bring out the aromatics.

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