Dating uncircumcised men

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Vince Lambert is a hairy muscled hunk from the COLT Studio Group.He has a very sexy look about him, with a great smile, 3-day growth, broad hairy chest and very impressive uncut tool, this guy has got my attention …

For the women out there who have never experienced a penis in its natural state, which includes 22% of our poll, it can be intimidating simply because it’s foreign (metaphorically and probably literally).In fact, circumcision in most of the world is much rarer and almost exclusively done for religious purposes.It’s true that men with uncircumcised penises tend to report a higher degree of sensitivity and more intense orgasms than their trimmed peers.Perhaps shockingly, only four of the 50 women polled prefer a penis au naturel, and you can include me in that four.They way I see it, dicks are like i Phones: they are very delicate and ought to come with a carrying case.

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