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I want to be clear: Just because you chose to have sex before having this conversation doesn’t mean you don’t deserve honesty and respect.As you said, your subtle approach was met with vague answers.But be careful to assess how much of this you’re carrying from your relationship history.If you are feeling needy, it’s a good idea to heal yourself instead of asking him to fill your void.Telling a guy, “We need to talk” is a surefire way to have him bolt. Spend some time planning what you want to say and how you’d like this conversation to play out. “Steve, I really appreciate that you’re open to talking with me. If he says that he doesn’t want a relationship with you, you need to figure out your plan of action. That means so much to me.” Tell him how you feel about him and why you want to be in an exclusive relationship. I finally got the courage to ask him if he was seeing other people.He told me he was seeing another person, intermittently, and she wasn’t really around too much.

I wish I could go back in time before sleeping with him on our second date and bring up how I felt earlier, but it seems like it should be pretty self-explanatory.

inside, and how much is about him not being there for you.

If he is truly not there for you emotionally, it is probably because he can’t be.

You might say, “I am really attracted to you, and I wanted to let you know that I only sleep with men when I’m in an exclusive relationship. Tell him how much you care for him, but you need to move on and find someone who does want a serious relationship. Everyone needs a different amount of time together in relationships.

If and when the day comes, you’ll be in for the night of your life! Perhaps if you felt secure about how Steve felt about you, you would not put a number on the hours of time he needed to spend with you.

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