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With Maldives, Australia has a longstanding and positive relationship, built around education, scholarships and a strong alumni network.We support the good governance reform agenda in Maldives.As an Indian Ocean neighbour, Australia urges the Maldives Government to respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of all Maldivians, including freedom of assembly and speech and the right to participate fully in election processes.

I will be enrolling in a language class but for right now Im looking to meet someone who speaks at least some English.

Australian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Bryce Hutchesson warns Sri Lankans not to be fooled by false advertising through social media or by people smugglers.

Full media release Australian statement on Maldives - 26 June 2018 The Australian Government is increasingly concerned at actions taken by the Maldives Government that undermine democracy and democratic institutions and reduce the prospect that the upcoming Presidential Election can be free and fair.

Australian Direct Aid Program Call for Applications The Australian High Commission’s Direct Aid Program (DAP) is now open for applications.

The DAP has helped hundreds of organisations around the world, including in Sri Lanka and Maldives, to make a real difference to their communities.

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