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To be honest, I was attracted to men before women as early as my adolescent days. One was my daddy's age who wandered in the streets with nothing but trousers on his chubby body, showcasing his womanlike chest to the public.The other was my grandpa's age, who was much more of a naturist. Did he shed his clothes first, and then, realizing he was out of soap, just decide to strut on over to the store in his undies to go buy some?The most haunting question of my life is; should I get married to a man or woman?On the road or on computer screen, television, or wherever my eyes fall, they're searching for the men.

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I've never come across a person whose name is Jesus to date!

In that first brush with love I was too naïve to notice that children stuff.

So I learnt from this heartbreak that I must confirm before initiating a conversation with anyone that he's unmarried.

He didn't like that he sent me messages through the most famous gay dating site of India one day and I replied to him the next day. Then he added that someone had proposed him, and he wanted to know what my reaction was! Why should I care for the person who, after two months of rosy talk, suddenly disappeared into thin air without considering my anguish over one-sided love?

However, we're still in contact and chat occasionally.

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