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These fields should be some kind of text field, such as method modifies the list of objects displayed into those that match the provided search term.

It accepts the request, a queryset that applies the current filters, and the user-provided search term.

If you need to provide a more process-centric interface that abstracts away the implementation details of database tables and fields, then it’s probably time to write your own views.

In this document we discuss how to activate, use, and customize Django’s admin interface.

Our complete installation guide covers all the possibilities; this guide will get you to a simple, minimal installation that’ll work while you walk through the introduction.

Django overview Before you can use Django, you’ll need to install it.

For those cases, it’s a good idea to write your own to enable a search box on the admin change list page.

This should be set to a list of field names that will be searched whenever somebody submits a search query in that text box.

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