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As was the case with Bill Cosby, the pattern of grotesque allegations has become impossible to ignore.

As anyone who recalls Jackson’s 2005 trial — at which the singer was ultimately acquitted of charges including molesting and intoxicating a minor — already knows, the adults in Jackson’s orbit are vigorous in their defense of him, and his fans are reflexively outraged by anything about his life being called into question.

It is inflected with tones familiar to anyone who’s spent time observing the behavior of hardcore fans online.

Consider the openly adversarial and gratuitously mean-spirited accusation that any critic is a hater losing at life, as seen in the concern-trolling note that HBO is only airing this program because it “is facing serious competitive pressures from Netflix, Amazon and other more modern content providers,” or the niggling, needling obsession with a rigorous sort of fairness that could only really be satisfied by not broadcasting this program at all.

It’s the sort of story that takes real guts, and a strong footing in something as painful as reality, to broadcast, or to truly absorb.

t has been apparent since the mid 1990s that Michael Jackson was a child molester.

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