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It’s true that the 808’s sound and interface begat styles of music around the globe, as British, Belgian, and Swedish stars of electro, techno, house, and synth-pop attest in “808.” But, by the late nineties, the drum machine that replaced its own referent had accrued other, non-musical meanings Southern rap styles such as bounce, crunk, and trap fused its ominous bass with lyrics painting the drug-trade lifestyle in the neon and gold-flashing hues of “Scarface,” relaunching the vintage bass sound nationally while upgrading its latent menace.Today, this 808 is the bedrock of the urban-youth-culture soundtrack, particularly for trap artists, who mix its avenue-shuddering bass with verbal threats from hip-hop tracks, handgun clicks, bursts of machine-gun fire, and other adrenaline triggers.The 808’s defiantly inorganic timbres—robot handclaps, turn-signal cowbells, a compressed-air punching snare—sketched out the domain of a new world of music, its effective atlas being the self-titled 1984 début album by Run-D. Less a product of engineering than a force of nature, this bass-rolling subsonic boom has come to be what people mean when they refer to “an 808.” Similar to the oceanic crescendo that runs through Wagner’s Vorspiel to “Das Rheingold,” this bass is felt before it’s heard, the downbeat swooning to fill a space, tuned to its own harmonic center.This 808 sound was also crowd-sourced, with artists building on one another’s modifications of the device.On Saturday, a different set of classicists commemorated their own thirty-five year milestone: the 1980 arrival of another paragon in musical-instrument construction.They chose the celebration’s exact date, 8/08, for the device’s numerical name; they sang Roland’s TR-808 drum machine. The 808 inspired events in Los Angeles and New York.

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He tweaked the bass-drum setting to widen the tone and stretch the decay, creating a new reference point for 808 users ever since.

After co-founding Def Jam, Rubin produced a string of albums by the Beastie Boys, Run-D. C., and LL Cool J, frequently using the house 808 of Chinatown’s Chung King Studios, which had been purchased by the Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz.

Here’s Looking at You, Kid Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a special screening of the 1942 film Casablanca at Orchestra Hall in Detroit.

Watch the classic World War II romance, which includes iconic performances by actors Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine and Ingrid Bergman as Ilsa Lund, with Max Steiner’s Oscar-nominated score played live by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

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