Dating pitfalls 2012 nasty chat rooms

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Profanities simply show a lack of eloquence when it comes to the art of conversation. Show yourself to be well dressed and smart in your profile photos, and smile.

Imagine the ball is the conversation, and you and the lady you are getting to know are the players.

Keep the cursing for the lads No lady is going to be impressed by foul language.

Of course we all swear, but it should never be done to a lady, and certainly never one.

There are ways of avoiding the pitfalls of online dating though, advisories gained through many hours of sweating in front of the laptop and wondering what the hell we did wrong!

Read her profile This may seem obvious, but many men will look at the photo and skip the reading part. If she has asked in her blurb that someone should message her with more than simply a “hi” or “how are you? Show her that you have read and taken heed of her request, otherwise you have already shown her that you are not a good listener and she won’t want to know you.

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