Dating lovers date dating sites without signing up

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That way, even if singles don’t find many date prospects in the crowd, they can still go home with someone special.Leigh told us that Dig events have become wildly popular because dog lovers enjoy meeting people who share their interests — and meeting dogs who share their sense of fun.After a whirlwind year, Dig still has room to grow and help thousands of dog lovers find their packs.You can download Dig free on Google Play and the App Store.Many singles feel the same way about their dogs and are looking for a fetching date who can run with their packs.Sisters Casey and Leigh Isaacson understand the importance of matching dog lovers with dog lovers and have created a dynamic dating app to do just that.

Some have ideas about new search features to help dog owners connect, while others ask when the app will officially launch in their hometowns.“There’s a major trend toward dog-friendly experiences,” Leigh explained, “and we quickly learned that we are in a great position to offer people that opportunity.We’re throwing dog-friendly Dig events every month in cities across the country.” Dig uses its events as a chance to reinforce its partnerships and promote dog-friendly companies that sponsor the app.“We think that’s humanizing and a great way to really get to know someone.” The future looks bright for Dig, which is growing as quickly as a 6-month-old puppy.The dating app has resonated with thousands of singles who love dogs, and it has given them the chance to prioritize dog ownership when seeking a romantic partner online.

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