Dating for the married

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Sometimes, I feel like my heart might physically burst with the feelings that overflow when I look at him. Same day tickets to NYC were too expensive, but if I flew to a small city in North Dakota and if he drove six hours, we’d be able to see each other that night. We’ll spend 18 hours together this weekend, before scheduling another longer visit in two weeks, until I finally move in a few months from now.

I quickly confirmed the flight and then left for the airport. know what people say and think when I tell them our story.

When I think of my husband, I think of his character.

In a world of fast talk, fake personalities and impermanence, he is the opposite. Everything else builds up on this — his quiet confidence, his open laughter, his bear hugs, his tight embrace, his ambition, his intelligence, his respect for his family, his capacity to love selflessly and tell me, without blinking, that I mean everything to him.

From flowers to flights, this man knows no limits to showing me how much he loves me.

I felt the same feeling of excitement, relief and completeness when I married my husband.A few moments later, I video called my husband, asleep a country and timezone away.He picked up groggily, as he always does, saying, “”, as he always does.“Hi baby,” I replied.Our whole lives spanned in front of us, full of adventure, love and promise.Like those days kick starting summer, our wedding day was the most perfect day to marry the love of my life.

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