Dating figured full woman

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If you’re one of the six people in the UK who hasn’t watched season two of Fleabag, then here’s what you need to know.

The second series follows Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s unnamed character, who is equal parts hot mess and perfect woman, as she attempts to charter the choppy waters of a sexually charged friendship with an extremely attractive priest.

In adulthood the boundaries of appropriate relationships are blurred.

We know that relationships between teachers and students are wrong, similarly between underage teenagers and adults.

It would have been contrived in the extreme to spend my twenties dating passive, laidback men who thrived on irresponsibility just to avoid pandering to my power fetish.

In the end, I found a sort of cure for my fixation in the shape of my husband – eleven years my senior, capable of pulling rank occasionally, but very much not in a position of authority over me and not interested in micromanaging my life.

This is because as humans we commonly have a repetition compulsion, we repeat patterns in relating that are familiar to us, as this is less threatening.

‘We also engage in relationships with a similar dynamic and seek a different outcome in an attempt to gain reparation for the first invalidating relationship.’ As with any repeated behaviour or compulsion, there is a reason that we keep going for authority figures, and as Natalie says it’s probably to do with childhood trauma (isn’t everything?

Such effects may increase the likelihood of desire.’ So it’s normal, but where does this power fetish actually come from?When I worked as a temp I would fall for anyone senior in an office who was kind to me or took a moment to explain how to use the coffee machine.‘It’s something about someone senior taking time to focus on me, like I’m special and worthy of extra attention.If one had a parent (particularly the opposite sex parent) who held a position of power in a nurturing, containing and protective manner the may be more likely to be attracted to such qualities in a mate.‘If someone felt invalidated by someone in a power position in the family they may also seek out powerful mates.

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