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First Impression Vs Second Impression There is no doubt that during the process of the initial judgment of the female beauty most people unconsciously “rely” on the facial symmetry.Also, it is a well know fact that a woman with a beautiful face is likely to be perceived as a good and gentle person even before she opens her mouth or makes any move."I really thought that Grindr cared about the gay community, and was forcing us to have an important dialogue about our health and safety." He called Grindr's sharing of the data "a slap in the face." "It's sad, because I think that it did drive important conversations within our community." The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) echoed that sentiment, calling Grindr's data-sharing "an egregious breach of confidentiality laws," demanding it "immediately cease and desist the reckless practice." "It is extremely unfortunate that those men who have been courageous enough to share their HIV status, be it positive or negative, on their Grindr profiles, may have now had that most personal data indiscriminately shared by Grindr," said Michael Weinstein, the AHF president.

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No matter where and why they end up in the world, they still SCAM.

The West Hollywood, California-based dating app, which claims 3.6 million daily active users globally, confirmed Monday it had been sharing users' personal data—including HIV status—with third party software vendors.

The revelation dovetails with a furor over lax personal data protection at Facebook.

Of course, defining beauty as the “symmetric perfection” is very convenient but only partially correct. That being said, many studies have shown that facial symmetry plays a crucial role in the judgments of female beauty.

This fact can be explained in many ways and the evolutionary theorists argue that more symmetric faces are preferred because symmetry is a sign of superior genetic quality and developmental stability.

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