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And if that is your truth, then that is the truth, and that WILL come through.My husband has seen me with natural breasts, when I was just out of surgery, as I recovered, as I pointed out flaws I thought I had in my former implants, as I had a surgery to exchange my implants, and as I was out of that surgery.Any insights you can share would be most appreciated--it seems like there's very little information about this on the Internet!J Log in to post a reply Mar 23, 2015 PM - edited Mar 23, 2015 PM by Dive Cat Well, I guess my thought are going to become intimate, then you probably outght to be able to be emotionally and verbally intimate and honest then, and it is probably a good idea to ask her beforehand how she feels about the changes to her body as every woman is different, and no one here can answer for all women, or for this woman you are dating.And I have always felt loved, appreciated, and accepted by him.He has never seen the flaws I have seen for example.We are ALL unique and all have our own unique experiences.

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I care for this dear woman and want her to know that I find her attractive but I feel at a loss as to how to proceed.While they look different, I have minimal scarring that is not visible unless you look hard under my breasts, and I still have my own nipples.They do look a bit different than natural breasts of course as they natural breasts, and they are different than MY natural breasts, but they are identifiable as breasts and I am pleased with their shape and appearance.And, you also have to go by her feelings, if she expresses to you that she is very self conscious about her chest, then don't compliment her just to "make" her feel better.Again, if she is anything like me, she will see right through that!

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