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"That doesn't mean beat whoever you're dating over the head with it, but talk about it.

Some shared interests are important in a relationship...obviously not ALL interests should be shared, my wife likes reality TV, I like zombies. But we share enough common interests that we can watch anime together and play D&D every weekend." - Effendoor "Quality beats quantity every single time.

They show up whenever they want, stay over days or weeks at a time, clean up our house to their standards, borrow money from her, call during dinner, etc.But, rather than stay single, I figured out what the hell I wanted from my next long-term partner, dove straight into dating, and found myself in the middle of a rotation — that is, seeing a multitude of men, all noncommittally.My many relationships have fallen somewhere between a string of not-so-great first dates and being in love."Sometimes the wife just wants to rant and if you're busy figuring out how to respond, you're not listening." - Sewtwo2 "If you can't be yourself around someone, they aren't right for you.If you have a deep love for Dungeons & Dragons, or football..biking, don't make a secret of it.

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