Dating a gemini man single women dating bangalore

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Such a man will regale his audience with hilarious accounts of his travel or hair-rising stories of his adventures.

A Gemini guy likes being surrounded by people and in fact thrives on exchange and collaboration.

Even though Gemini relationship compatibility can beome a complex one, there are chances for this to work out as well.

As stated earlier, Geminis are said to have two personalities, both of them, poles apart and in the extremes, which makes it really tough, not just for them but also for the other, to decipher their true identity.

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Though it is a tedious task to know the state of mind of both the Gemini male and female, there is also an advantage to this.

While a Gemini is fond of talking, it is not merely idle chatter with him.

He is witty, intelligent and curious to know about people and places.

In terms of the Gemini man and Gemini woman love compatibility, they are adventurous, intellectual, sarcastic, funny and full of sympathy but they are also fearful, monotonous people who at times dont want to be with anyone around.

There is a level of understanding between the Gemini male-Gemini female which makes this couple as compatible as being non compatible with each other.

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