Dating a butterface

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Its just a medium to kick away occasional frustrations...hehehe !! Well, a "butterface" is a girl who has a hot body but an ugly face....

Not to be taken with any offence, its not intended to offend anybody... how many times you have to swear not to date that gal who looks like a Bear but u blank out all the time she comes near !

A perfect, amazing body, always overcomes a butterface. Focus on some physical traits that are important to you, accept the shortcomings in other areas. Would you want a partner that views you as a shortcoming? Are you putting your unrealistic views up too high and missing out on a great partner?

As all men know, a woman can mask almost ANYTHING on her, face with make up. What happens if you have an accident, become paralyzed and gain weight?

so, its like, everything of hers is well, but-her-face !!! Life is crazy take it easy keep yourself busy don't be so choosy if not Katie, then maybe Rosy hell !

but u still, with her, have made some plans with her, u still like to have a dance coz, u still think u have a chance?? Just one advice, get out of this mess Get her out'ta ur life, get to some new place, coz, she's not hot, she's just a butterface !!

We all would love to have that perfect specimen we’re attracted to, you know? So now I’m going to ask you today, write down below, lets get into a very healthy, non-insulting debate on the blog. And after 20 years of coaching, I’ve discovered the golden keys to success in dating, business, health and wellness, and life. Do you have a Which leads me to today’s topic, what’s more important to you. 1.7 million men & women come to me every month to find the secrets to success. That’s how the term ‘butterface’ came in to existence. This amazing face with this incredible personality. Are you able to date somebody who’s less than ideal in something that’s important to you?To me I love a small, petite little woman with a beautiful face, that’s my ideal. You’re dating somebody, they’ve got the best body you’ve ever been with in your entire life, I mean every curve is in the right place. I’ve helped millions of men and women around the globe achieve success in their dating, social and personal lives.

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