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Consequently, we would ask that you consider the importance of the work of each individual and tip accordingly. Bearing this in mind, they are generally tipped separately.There are many people working to make sure your trip runs smoothly, many of whom you may not even see, including kitchen, maintenance and housekeeping staff.Gratuities are of course always voluntary and tend to be dependent upon the quality of the services provided.We do believe that great service should be appreciated but whilst we encourage travellers to feel the same, you should be aware of the potential impacts that tipping may have on the local community.To better appreciate this, consider the jobs of the rangers within the parks.These obviously are vital roles, requiring sufficient knowledge of the area.If this is a regular occurrence, rangers may well have less motivation to work as hard or take on as much responsibility, possibly quitting their jobs to take on a role that would (with tips included) end up paying them more.This then has severe impacts on the park and the visitors.

If you want to be incredibly well prepared for your trip then a great idea is to bring envelopes, possibly with thank you notes, to prepare individual tips for the staff.

Tipping is not compulsory but always appreciated and depends entirely on your own opinion and your personal satisfaction, moderated by the topics mentioned above.

Having said that, we'd recommend that for good service our travellers tip around: Bearing in mind the issues above, the Gross National Income (GNI) is approximately US.53 per person per day in Zambia.

" is a question we are asked regularly by guests travelling to Zambia.

The information below will hopefully outline the points and issues involved, in order to help you sidestep any potentially uncomfortable situations regarding tipping.

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