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The wedding ceremony is very important to the family and the couple in Cuba.After all the festivities of the wedding, a couple must get settled into their new life.This cycle repeats itself until all of the siblings are married.The oldest male is considered the head of the household within the extended family. A woman who has been widowed almost always runs the few one-parent families.The choices of partners is limited to those outside the family.

Then by the time that the next sibling is married, the first couple is expected to move out unless this next couple chooses to live with the other parents.Cuban couples follow many traditions to find one another and to start a new life together.With rules about whom they can marry, big wedding ceremonies, and a changing family life, Cubans find a new beginning within the union of marriage.Like most young people, Cuban people hope to find a relationship that will not only meet the expectations of their family and community, but also their own expectations and desires.Cubans have big wedding ceremonies for the bride, groom, and the family.

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