Crush dating someone else

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All you need to do is try and find out what your crush likes about the other person.Maybe they like how they dress; perhaps it’s how she carries herself with dignity or maybe how she perfectly applies her lipstick.Let them know that you like them in a manner that is more than just a friend.Hello, life is too short not to try out our chances.Try and find out what makes your crush to like the other person and that’s not all, try and better it.If he likes how she dresses, then try and dress like her or even better than her.I mean at times we might feel so depressed and curse our lives saying how unfair it is: why did I have to crush on someone who likes someone else?

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She's still a nice person, and I would like to be friends and not burn bridges, but I don't know if I can get over her yet.

If he likes how she respects herself then you need to carry yourself with more dignity to and who knows your crush might end up discovering that you are better than the person they like. Don’t push yourself into being someone you are not, always try as much as possible to remain original.

To some extent jealous is a normal thing if you have a crush on someone.

Let’s face it; we all have had a crush on someone at some point in our lives.

Whether we let our crush know about our feeling or we stayed with the feeling and just accept the fact that we can’t be with them, the fact remains that at least there is that someone that we wished they would Growing up most teenagers tend to have a crush on their favorite celebrity. These crushed have all the fame, are good looking, and rich…

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