Cory lea dating 2016

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Rachel is about to get a — pause for dramatic effect — really, really hot new love interest. She says she’s jealous of his red carpet style, gushes (you know, again) about how awesome it is to work with him.

Everyone heads back to work for Season 4, and Lea even gets Cory a back to work gift.

In June, the couple heads back to Canada for a cuddly Vancouver date. A., where a dapper Cory escorts Lea to the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball.

In July, they both go to Comic-Con, but all is not well for Finchel in the world of .

We will never forget him and will be forever grateful for all the love and happiness he gave us and you @leamichele" A third posted: "Oh.. I've been watching the whole series of glee again and feel like he's still alive in our hearts.

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It’s a photo of Damian Mc Ginty and Jenna Ushkowitz, but Cory and Lea can be seen in the background, and they’re looking very coupley.

Who’s to say we’re not just seeing what we want to see?

Whatever the case, Cory and Lea spend Thanksgiving apart.

On August 30, production has to shut down for a day when Cory gets sick with an intestinal problem. Lea says that she and actor Dean Geyer have chemistry, but she still thinks Finn and Rachel are meant to be.

Meanwhile, Rachel’s new love interest is ridiculously attractive. In fact, Lea says that working with Cory is the best part of Season 4 premiere party, while Cory makes Glamour’s list of sexiest celebrities.

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