Contract for teens before dating

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Here are the six responsibilities in the freedom contract I want you to meet. I want you to keep me reliably informed with adequate and accurate information about what is happening in your life and what you are planning to do. I want you to live in a two-way with me, doing work for family in return for all that family does for you. I want your word to be good which means keeping the agreements and promises you make to me. I want you to demonstrate socially appropriate behavior at home, at school, and out in the world. I want you to be open to talking with me about any concern I may have at any time. When I have something to discuss with you, or when we disagree, I want you to communicate with me with the same respect that I show you.

If you have been honest and forthcoming with me, helped and done chores at home, kept your word to me, taken care of business at school, talked about what I have wanted to discuss, and managed that discussion respectfully, then you will have bargaining power in the freedom contract.

In today's modern world, every teenager wants independence and freedom. It is very important for the youngsters to understand their parents' expectations.

Parenting contract for teens can help the parents define and explain what they want from their teenage children and how they want them to behave.

Of course risk is matter of perspective, and the two perspectives tend to disagree. The question is, how are parents to decide that their teenager is ready to risk having more freedom out in the world?

Meet them all, and I will be more likely to let you try the freedom you want.

Don't meet them, and I will be more likely to refuse.

If the child breaks the rule again and again, then the punishment should be enhanced.

This would prevent your child from repeating the mistakes.

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