Conception dating ultrasound

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Google is my worst nightmare..I had read that doctors have missed the "baby" when measuring not to mention an expert on here has told me that as well.

I am sorry to ask so many questions..this really does affect the rest of my life.

It is rare but yes, the ultrasound techs or docs can miss a very early pregnancy.

But you already have had 2 ultrasounds that matched and showed good growth in between.

Also if there was an egg and it was fertilized, than the medication prevented there a such thing as a non-invasive prenatal paternity test? It says it "isolates fetal DNA from the mother's blood".

I almost feel like this might be a scam but I was just curious if you have ever heard anything about this Oh yes I did see this question yesterday.

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I then thought I had my period on jan 22-25th (normal for me is 5-7 days)...could this just have been withdrawal bleeding or is it likely that this was actually my period? For 1-2 months after taking the morning after pill, your bleeding will be off and it will not be possible to be sure whether it was just withdrawal bleeding or a true period.

Based on the starting day of your early January period, it is more laikely that all the bleeding you had in January after the Plan B was just withdrawal bleeding from the medication. The morning after pill most likely delayed the release of the egg to later in the month.

Testing requires your blood draw and the father you want to either exclude or include.

Testing requires that you be further along in the pregnancy however.

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