Christian widow and widowers dating

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“Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor.

For if either falls, the other will lift up his companion. ” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-11)Bertha and I have been married 15 months.

While this may not seem like the most efficient use of your time, efficiency and effectiveness are sometimes mutually exclusive. Grief is like a virus that waxes and wanes with intensity.

Emails and text messages are good; however, phone calls and visits may be better. What encourages one woman may be painfully unhelpful to another.

For the sake of protecting the guilty, let’s say the caller represented Shady Pines Old Folks Home. Is that one of those places where they cook your meals, clean your room, and even help you with bathing? Sign me up.” My two college-age children wondered if grief had taken their mother’s sense of reason. Don’t call her late at night or early in the morning. The day of my husband’s funeral, students from my children’s college (Covenant) drove more than four hours one-way just to be with my kids.

Clark, I need some more information from you, starting with your date of birth.” Me: “May 15, 1963.” Shady: “1963? Don’t confuse compassion for a church acquaintance with a call to take personal action.

And they each still hold honored places in our hearts. What has changed is that God has joined us together as “the love of the rest of our lives.” And it’s wonderful.

Here are 10 reasons Bertha and I have thought of why the widowed should consider remarrying… When I knew the Lord wanted me to remarry, I began praying, “Lord, please send me the love of the rest of my life.” (To call the second spouse the love of my life would feel like a betrayal to the dear person I spent over half a century with! And new/different it will be, that’s for sure, when you remarry.

The next morning, we had breakfast with a couple who had been best friends of Margaret and me.Margaret and I served churches in the South and then spent over a quarter century in New Orleans pastoring and leading the association.So, Bertha and I have a world of stories saved up to share. A few weeks after Bertha and I met, her daughter Lari, a schoolteacher in central Florida, texted me to say, “Thank you for giving my mother her laughter back.” I read where someone said, “If there is no laughter in your lovemaking, you’re doing it all wrong.” I like that.The other day, as I was finishing my round of errands–to the bank, the cleaners, the library, etc.–on the way home I stopped at Kroger’s and bought two things for Bertha: an arrangement of purple tulips and a box of Raisin Bran Crunch, her favorite. Bertha eats lots more strawberries and blueberries than she ever did, for the simple reason that I have them every morning of my life with my Honeynut Cheerios. After the Lord took Margaret, there were times I would come out of a church where I’d preached and get in the car, then reach for the phone to call her with a report on how things had gone. She is far more than I could ever have asked for or expected.I came in the house displaying them like I was presenting the Hope diamond. Everyone needs someone who can disagree with us and still be on our team. Without another’s perspective, we may start to believe that we are right about everything. After I was widowed, it occurred to me one day that if something happened to me at home it could be days before one of my children called to check. We walk the one mile path in the park as many afternoons each week as we can. Sometimes, if one of us is feeling lazy or unmotivated, the other will say, “Come on. A few months after we married, I accompanied Bertha to her high school reunion.

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