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If I’m gonna be with a boy, this is the boy." I think that says it all.Paisley was also involved in a project for CW network in which he was executive producer for a pilot called Nashville.It'd be nice if his defenders here would admit they just want to suck his cock and don't care that he's a homophobe.The little head always does the thinking for the big head, for some.But for most people those who genuinely believe it, it means that they're either gay or bisexual and made an active choice at some song "Alcohol" is just stupid and juvenile.His other ones I can't even recall because they were pretty bad, too.The idea that gay is a choice is almost always a huge flashing sign, to me, that someone is closeted.

Oddly, Ashley Williams and Bomer were costars in the 2005 Fox pilot "Amy Coyne."These people!

So pathetic because he's short and only moderately hot.

It’s A Mighty Thin Line Between Art and Hate: Homophobia in Music The use of character and language in music is not black and white; it is a continuum. Th…The pilot NASHVILLE that Bomer co-wrote was with Neal Dodson.

To make a statement like this, means you are speaking from personal experience !!!

We need to keep in mind that the right/christian group indoctrinate this shit into their minions.

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