Bungie net player model not updating

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For the first few weeks, you'll probably experiment with combinations until you settle on a look and armor permutation that you're comfortable with.

All of the permutations included have a backstory and a function, and more importantly, a role in the Spartan program.

Decent players should be able to get most of them simply by trying.

One of the tougher parts of this job is staying on top of the interwebs. The "Game Disc 2" shown in the art actually refers to an interactive Bonus Content disc. So here's the real breakdown for each edition and remember, ALL of these items are subject to change or replacement. If the contents of the editions change (which is always a remote possibility when you're making something this complex) we will keep you apprised.

Things change so quickly that actually keeping track of problems becomes a full-time job. It's an Xbox "executable" (think of it like a menu-driven disc, similar to the Official Xbox Magazine cover disc) and internally, has always been referred to as "Game Disc 2" because it has to go through the same certification process as Halo 3 itself. But as of this afternoon, that's what's planned to be in the boxes.

The original Halo MP maps were inspired and excellent, but had nothing like the amount of effort or technology lavished upon them as this batch. Steve Cotton asking about the possibility of the addition of an effect on "Jub Jub" which is funny, because I can't imagine a more complete looking map.

I also saw a new effect that right now is in a loading screen between levels, but may end up in some other place. Not the world's most technically challenging thing, but just a cool, moody graphical interlude that really sets the tone and mystery inherent in Halo 3.

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