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The misspelling of possession in the ransom note was part of the heated conversation of the case on the radio and Internet.

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[…] The following story is reportedly derived from an audio interview with 45-year-old Byron Robertson from El Paso, Texas…

I took the theme of literature that is prevalent in the case from the ransom note to John Douglas's For example, the role of the Psalms in the case was well known with a possible connection between the ransom amount and a common interpretation of Psalm 118 that mentions sacrifice. After careful study, I thought I had the key to not only the identification of the single perpetrator but an indication that the death of Jon Benét was not due to an accident, as was the prevalent theory, but was the intentional act of a person in the grip of a psychosis. I hit the forums with my ideas and was both lauded and rebuffed. I went back to the trail of literature left by Patsy herself and fixed on Muriel Spark's It took me several months before I read the book.

Also, the Ramsey family Bible (NIV study version) was open to a passage that has four lines beginning with the letters C, T, B, S—the reverse of the cryptic ransom note sign-off: S. Just a few pages in was a description of a tea party with two members of the Brodie set where pineapple was served.

Lighting a candle of remembrance for those who've lost their lives to domestic violence behind the blue wall, for strength and wisdom to those still there, and a non-ending prayer for those who thought they had escaped but can't stop being afraid. - A midstate police officer was off the job Wednesday morning after spending some time inside a jail.

Columbia Police Officer Mark Anthony was put on administrative leave, while he faces charges of domestic assault.

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