Bosnian dating customs

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The measure captures the median duration that property lawyers, notaries or registry officials indicate is necessary to complete a procedure.

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View methodology The reliability of supply and transparency of tariffs index is calculated on the basis of the following six components: duration and frequency of power outages, tools to monitor power outages, tools to restore power supply, regulatory monitoring of utilities’ performance, financial deterrents aimed at limiting outages, and transparency and accessibility of tariffs.View methodology The amount that the entrepreneur needs to deposit in a bank or with a notary before registration and up to 3 months following incorporation and is recorded as a percentage of the economy’s income per capita.View methodology The total number of procedures required to register a firm.Note: The ease of doing business score captures the gap of each economy from the best regulatory performance observed on each of the indicators across all economies in the Doing Business sample since 2005.An economy’s ease of doing business score is reflected on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 represents the lowest and 100 represents the best performance.

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